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Crevice Design

Crevice Design‭ ‬is a Hong Kong based group of designers‭, ‬builders and thinkers operating within the fields of interior design‭, ‬architectural design‭, ‬environmental design‭, ‬furniture design‭, ‬product design‭, ‬research and development‭. ‬We has grouped some passionate designers‭ ‬since 2014‭. ‬We formally established and‭  ‬registered as Crevice Design Ltd‭. ‬since 2016‭. ‬We set up‭  ‬a strong design team and a production team to provide tailor-made and mass production design services‭. ‬Crevice Design is led by two partners‭ ‬‮!‬ Raymond Chan‭ and Kady Wong‭.‬

We believe that in order to exploring the infinite possibilities within finite spaces‭, ‬our design can become a number of crevices to detect and propose the people and society to the better style of living‭. ‬

We believe that the good design always well response the needs of people‭, ‬when we listen to the past echo‭, ‬response to the present and shout to the future‭.‬‭ ‬